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Our fundraising initiative for this year is an exciting one!

ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS is a digital box set filled with delightful and romantic Christmas stories from myself and some of the biggest romance authors of our time, including New York Times Bestselling authors Debbie Macomber, Bella Andre, Melody Anne, Violet Duke, Marie Force, Heather Graham, Laurelin Paige & Kayti McGee, Jane Porter, Melanie Shawn and RaeAnne Thayne, with three extra stories from Scarlett York, Melinda Curtis and Anna J. Stewart. All the proceeds will go to Boston University to help Dr. Ed Damiano (who also has a son with Type 1) finish engineering the second-generation artificial pancreas, which has a two-chamber system. Why is his work important? Because the two-chamber artificial pancreas will go far toward helping insulin-dependent diabetics remain healthy until that elusive biological cure can be found. So, please, order this boxed set today (it'll only be available through December 31, 2016) and encourage your friends and family to do the same. You'll get many hours of enjoyable reading in exchange for a small donation that will help a lot of people.



Get 14 delightful Christmas stories. . .

Our 2016 fundraising project has officially launched! Pre-order ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS from any digital vendor (Kindle, Nook, any Apple device, Kobo, etc.) so that the magnificent stories contained in this digital boxed set will download on your e-reader November 1st. This set will only be available for purchase until December 31st. Then, like the digital boxed sets that came before (in 2014 and 2015), it will be gone for good.

Don't miss LOVE THAT! Brenda Novak's Every Occasion Cookbook. . .

All the proceeds from LOVE THAT! -- a collection of my best and healthiest recipes -- will also go to Boston University in 2016. So add to your contribution by purchasing the cookbook. Check out a sample recipe.

The Annual Auctions that Gave Us Our Start

$2.4 million raised in ten years!

Thad and BrendaWhen my youngest son, Thad, was diagnosed with diabetes at only five years old, and I learned of the terrible side effects he would likely face, I could not just hope for the best. I had to do something to fight back.

The drive to protect my child led me to start an online auction for diabetes research in 2005. It started relatively small--we raised only $34,500 or so our first year--but it grew quickly. I ran Brenda Novak's Annual Online Auction for ten years and managed to raise $2.4 million, thanks to the fabulous support I received from readers, writers, publishing professionals and advocates. I won't be running annual auctions anymore, but I'm not giving up the fight. I'm just shifting my fundraising focus to selling my cookbook--LOVE THAT! Brenda Novak's Every Occasion Cookbook--and curating and selling at least one digital boxed set per year that will include a collection of stories from big-name authors (like ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS).

According to the CDC, nearly 10% of Americans have diabetes. That's just an unacceptable number. So I thank everyone who has supported my efforts in the past--and I ask for your help in the future. Together, we can raise the money necessary to beat this terrible disease.

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